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4 Money moves to survive the coronavirus

4 Money moves to survive the coronavirus


Do you need financing?

► Receive a quick financing proposal

► 2 easy-to-do steps



Money is getting tighter. We are experiencing it first hand with the pandemic. During such a rough period, it is crucial to put your financial health above the table - especially those who do not have a cushion to fall back on.  


In addition to that, we are seeing that the situation is getting worse in our country hour by hour, which makes the topic such a relevant issue that we have to react immediately. So, it is time to use that extra time that you might be spending seated at home watching the news, and take some time to think about your savings, your debts and your bills.


Here are 4 money moves that you can use to approach reality and survive the coronavirus pandemic. Use this as tactics that can potentially increase the possibilities of stabilization of your finances. 


Analyze the opportunities on loans financing


The government has started taking action in order to help citizens manage their finances better and work towards economic wealth despistes the ongoing situation. There have been established some benefits in loan policies that could help you save.  


President Trump has announced that federal student loans will be waving interests. This may be attractive for those who are trying to pay down their debt. Unfortunately, the payments will not change but they will go towards the principal amount. 


Your lender may also take action to help you keep your finances moving and not fall into an awful debt. We recommend you to take this time to communicate directly with your entity - or at least visit their website - to see if they have any benefits or at least resources to support you in these circumstances.


These measurements represent a relief for the current tension but they do not mean to last forever. So take advantage of the benefits lenders may be offering but also make sure to understand that it will not be permanent - it may only last while the COVID-19 is attacking.


Get rid of unnecessary bills


These times can be used to analyze your spending habits. Are you paying for something you are not even getting? Are there any frivolous payments that can be cut off? 


In order to do so, check your subscriptions, travel plans and other extra spending that could save you some money for what really matters right now. If there is something that you are paying for - such as classes - and the business suspended its services, you may be able to contact them and request a refund - potentially.


We recommend you check your statements so you identify your extra spending faster and take action towards protecting your finances.


Get a health insurance or read the policy of yours


It is a good time to plan ahead and get a health and/or life insurance - if you don’t have one already. Everyone is at risk and the virus does not discriminate against anyone. And the worst part is that millions of Americans do not have any sort of health insurance, which is very serious under the current circumstances. This health crisis should have everyone alert as the outbreak continues.


If you do have health insurance, you should make sure you know every detail about it. Read your plan, upgrade if you need to or ask every question you have about it. It is better to be prepared for the worst than not be prepared at all.


Savings are the key


If you were investing in stocks, do not get rid of your investments - unless it is extremely necessary. They can represent a money source for any emergency.


You should also focus on emergency funds that you can draw from at a moment’s notice. The current coronavirus is more than enough reason to reassess this portion of your finances. If you were following a budget plan, it means that you may have at least 3 to 6 months saved in your account. This money is essential in this type of situation and make sure you do not touch it until you really need it. 


In addition to that, do not stop contributing to it if you are still getting paid. It is a good idea to always have a cushion to support you if you are falling. Remember, any savings is better than none.

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