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Customer Reviews: ClearBanc

Customer Reviews: ClearBanc



► Data-driven investments from $10K to $10M

► No equity or personal guarantees

► Get funded quickly, and top up as needed



Nowadays, ecommerces and start-ups are ruling the business world. Clearbanc has taken the baton in funding entrepreneurs to invest in this emerging market and raised over $420 million in less than five years. By fundraising with amounts from $5,000 to $10 million in exchange for a steady revenue share of earnings, this company picks merchants that have potential succeed to invest in instead of risking their equity in aspects that may not be really worth it. 

The founders, Andrew D’ Souza and Michele Romanow, are bringing a new crop of direct-to-consumer products and other fast-monetizing startups to avoid diluting their team and investors. With these innovative options for financing, ClearBank is not only supporting their own business model but also helping new start-ups and tech-related small businesses to have a way of impacting the consumer market with new and revolutionary ideas. 

The 2 pillars of Clearbanc

You may be wondering, how do ClearBanc actually works to be successful on funding with such big investments on small businesses. They do it with two main things they believe are the key for achieving goals for other businesses and their own.

Democratizing access to capital with AI

One of their main features is their method of sourcing businesses. This aspect has been calling the attention of many new companies trying to rise from the beginning. ClearBank  chooses who to invest in through machine learning: businesses plug in their data sources to Clearbanc’s platform, including payment processor data, digital ads, and e-commerce accounts, allowing Clearbanc’s algorithms to evaluate financial health and revenue trajectory.

The company believes in the power of technology, machine learning and all data science. By democratizing the access to capital, they show the importance they give to growing entrepreneurs. Sometimes, they do not have the representation or presence in the market that they should, so they do not have enough access for funding. This is why ClearBank bases their criteria in the machine learning process and backing women entrepreneurship equally. 

By using data sources and a disruptive way of funding, they are not only providing more options for founders to find success in their business but also making the ecosystem richer. Now we could understand why ClearBank has been denominated a new emerging category of financing entrepreneurs.

Bringing capital-as-a-service to new verticals

Even though ClearBanc is focussed on providing funds for things like digital marketing spend and customer acquisition, they are expanding this into new verticals. Depending on what type of business they are working with, the main idea is to invest in anything that drives revenue in a business. One of the co-founders thinks that “For e-commerce that could be digital ads, shipping, or inventory. For B2B SaaS that could be sales commissions.”.

This is why they have been building a new network with new options for current and new key industry verticals. No matter how high risk new VCs will take, the revenue is so high that makes it attractive to investors to be part of this network and put down capital into businesses that show the ability of multiplying it. Some VCs (Venue Capitals) include personalities such as Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt, Jesse Horwitz of Hubble Contacts, Gary Vaynerchuck of VaynerMedia and others.


Advantages of Clearbanc

  • They have already invested in over 1,000 companies within the US and Canada.
  • A 6% fee is the only extra amount charged to the original fund provided in business loans.
  • High amount is between $5,000 and $10 million.
  • It helps businesses to build relationships with new VC investors and other partners that can help grow or add value to the startup or ecommerce.
  • No credit check is needed for application to their financial products.
  • Requires at least only 6 months of revenue to qualify for funding.
  • For Merchant Cash Advance, the fees are as low as 15%.




► Data-driven investments from $10K to $10M

► No equity or personal guarantees

► Get funded quickly, and top up as needed



Customer Reviews

Sawyer Hannay
I've had such a great experience with Clearbanc thus far and not only directly benefited by using their capitol for ROI+ sale campaigns it has also allowed me the confidence in creating a new scalable marketing plan. Knowing Clearbanc is behind me allows me the power to triple down on successful ads without comprising my own cashflow. Potentially even more importantly than that I have had a great experience working with the individuals within the Clearbanc family. Their level of genuine care for myself as a business owner is extremely refreshing.


Aprille Franks
I wasn't even looking for funding and was approved someones annual salary within 36 hours! I run a professional development group for female speakers, authors, and coaches - and we do pretty well so I wasn't really "looking" for funding. I saw an ad on FB with Gary Vee on and it sparked my interest so I applied and I have to admit, I was skeptical the whole time...


Mastin Kipp
To say that Clearbanc is a game changer is an understatement. Our business has taken almost $1MM from Clearbanc in the last year, and they have helped us grow, scale, pivot and navigate the tough financial stress of scaling our business. Their customer success team is second to none (shout out Nan) and Michelle and Andrew are relatable founders who care deeply about entrepreneurs. Clearbanc does not participate in predatory practices that you hear about in the traditional MCA space (COJ's, Judgements, Personal Guarantees, etc)... so Clearbanc is making a better product that I hope reaches many, many more people. Finally, as a trauma-informed coaching company, we value Clearbanc's funding based on data, not gender or privilege bias. Clearbanc funds more women and minorities than anyone else. This, along with Clearbanc's ethical center, makes Clearbanc in a league of it's own. Honored to be a client for life.


April M.
Clearbanc is an absolute Godsend. Doing business with big banks just doesn't make sense in 2019 for most small businesses. I see Clearbanc as a trailablazer! Big banking is going to wish they made these changes. It was very easy to get approved for over 100K and even better is the rate they offered. I'm so glad I took a chance with them!


Kevin T​​​​​​​
I've been a Clearbanc client for almost 6 months now and have been receiving top ups every month (each increasing in size too!) As a hardware DTC product, we are usually consistently in a cash flow crunch and have our capital dedicated towards inventory, tooling, R&D and daily operations. Being a bootstrapped company, this leaves VERY little towards marketing and any real efforts to bring exposure and scale our business. Before Clearbanc, we would run very safe marketing campaigns as we cannot afford take risks. Our only way to get more capital is through ongoing sales (slow to scale), raise money through investors (time consuming and lose equity) or take a loan from the bank (personal guarantee required + collateral). Clearbanc nullifies all these pain points so you can spend more time building your business and working on what truly matters!

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