Guardian Debt Relief

Debt Negotiation Program

The Debt Negotiation Program has been designed to fight unsecured debts on your behalf. This program is free and has no strings-attached, which gives decision freedom to its potential customers to decide to be part of the program. 

To be more precise with the program process, Guardian Debt Relief has designed 5 simple steps for a better understanding of the service:

  1. Enrollment - Enrolling the program is easy. It starts by getting free financial analysis through the phone or online. Then , a specialist will personally assess your financial situation and credit history to determine your eligibility for the Guardian Debt Relief program. Once both parties have approved the propositions and signed the electronic agreement, it is time to really go towards debt relief.

  2. Monthly Payments - Your advisor will work with you to design a monthly payment program designed to fit your budget and needs. Then, you will have to open a personal trust account to make the payments and have full control of your funds there.

  3. Inform creditor - Once the first monthly payment is processed and cleared, Guardian Debt Relief will immediately contact your creditors to let them know you are taking steps towards your debt repayment.

  4. Lower your debt - Once you have saved enough funds in your trust account, your debt negotiator will contact your creditors on your behalf to reach a settlement.

  5. Program completion - Once negotiations have finished and your creditors have agreed to settle on a lower debt repayment, GDR will transfer the funds from your secure trust account to your creditors.

This program is able to help you become debt free in as little as 24 - 48 Months by helping you pay back less money in less time.


Advantages of getting a Debt Negotiation Program

  • Free consultation

  • No up-front fees

  • Live chat customer service 

  • Online or phone application

  • Flexible repayments

Product type Debt consolidations

Minimum loan amount $7,500

Minimum loan term 2 years

Maximum loan term 3 years


Have a valid ID/passport

Be a US citizen or permanent resident

Have at least one loan

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  • Get between $100 and $35.000
  • Immediate and tailored for you
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